Ted Baker Case Study

ted baker
AWS cloud partner

Ted Baker consulted with long-term IT partner transACT to define migrating storage to cloud for the global business.

About Ted Baker
Ted Baker plc is a British luxury clothing retail company. Since its launch in 1988, the brand has grown and is listed on the London Stock Exchange, cementing their place today as a global lifestyle brand.
Customer comment
Ted Baker now has a seamless data access solution. Our customers around the business felt no negative impact, and no changes to their workflows were required.
Quick, seamless and the solution that makes a great deal of commercial sense.
Stuart Carrison, Head of IT,
Ted Baker
Business challenges
Historically, Ted Baker has always used on-premises environments to host business-critical applications and data. With increasing demand, Ted Baker found itself in urgent need of deploying additional storage capacity at a scale that could not easily be achieved using traditional on-prem solutions.

transACT is Ted Bakers Cloud Trusted Advisor and are engaged at management level throughout the business. After discussions with the IT stakeholders, the full scope of the project included the migration of business-critical data across storage tapes and on-premise SAN’s as well as the implementation of a governance and security framework.

Working together
Storage solutions were chosen to allow the business to scale with demand whilst reducing timescales required for additional on-premises hardware to be physically deployed. Furthermore, Ted Baker required no further upfront license costs subject to vendor subscriptions.

transACT engineers were able to identify a shortlist of solutions and guide us through the selection process to provide an end to end service for our file and image data. Within a few days, Ted had access to the additional storage capacity required by initially using the storage gateway to connect to their existing on-prem back-up vendor. This addressed interim back-ups until all data was fully migrated to AWS S3 tiers in Amazon Web Services, and was able to use Amazon’s Snowball appliances to shift large quantities of file data without impacting Ted’s network performance.

Data was encrypted during transit and at rest, once available within S3, Ted Baker had a full view of data quantities, charges associated to the different storage classes via transACT Cloud Management Portal to help optimise their solution.

Business benefits

High data availability

Security & governance



Technology stacks
AWS Snowball

AWS Snowball

Amazon S3

Amazon S3

Amazon S3 Glacier

Amazon S3 Glacier

Ted now has a seamless data access solution, regardless of team member location, across global offices.

The implemented solution allowed the photography and graphic design teams to upload their required content to a centralised location without having the burden of substantial data management challenges, and teams around the world experience high-performance access.

This solution provided improvement of areas within Ted Baker such as capacity provisioning, capacity planning, performance and cost.
Increased capacity that scaled with demand improved performance along with a reduction of expenditure of physical hardware helped reduce IT Costs and overheads, continuous scale challenges and back-up headaches. Legacy on-prem file servers have been decommissioned, reducing IT costs and overheads, continuous scale challenges and back-up headaches.

Next steps

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