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Adapt and comply with Government guidelines in your workplace with our guide

This year COVID-19 gave global companies a set of challenges that have tested many beyond the capacity of what they could manage, and it continues to do so…

Government Guidelines will continue to change and must be adhered to, processes must be in place to ensure the safety of all employees and organisations must ensure they are future-proofed for business continuity no matter the scenario.

We at transACT have been working with our customers throughout COVID-19 supporting and advising their back to the office plans.

Answers to the questions that matter

We have helped our customer answer a range of question such as;


How do we create a safe office environment?


What technologies can help our business?


How do we collaborate across home and office?


What costs can we reduce?

Return to Office Guide

About transACT Digital Workplace solutions

Our aim is to support our customers in delivering workplace transformation. We help blend the traditional office with digital environments so our internal IT and global workplace organisations can collaborate better, utilise transformative technologies and deliver future-proofed, secure digital workplace experiences.

Next steps

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