With rapidly changing business environments it can be a challenge keeping up with growing licensing demands.

Licensing can be complicated – and the arrival of steep penalties for non-compliance makes negotiating the confusion even more of a priority.

We at TransACT can help ensure that not only is your software is procured in the most cost-effective manner, but also that it is managed and protected throughout the software lifecycle to avoid the costly consequences of incorrectly managed software

We will also help you assess and understand gaps that could cause compliancy issues for business and business owners.

TransACT have a licensing toolset to enables your business to fully implement a License Management strategy that will automate and monitor the processes as part of lifecycle management cycle. These processes can incorporate software-buying trends within the organisation providing our customers with a clearer identification process to find cost-cutting measures and ways to use budgets more efficiently moving forward.

Software Asset Management (SAM)

Software Asset Management (SAM) is more than just making sure you have sufficient licences to cover the software you own; it’s about managing risk up front, ensuring compliance through-out, automating process and reducing your capital expenditure on software.

TransACT can help you address all aspects of licencing and ensure compliancy across all vendors, we can take away the confusion and time-consuming aspects to licensing and auditing and ensure that the processes and information is in place to adhere to all current and new auditing and compliancy policies.


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