Project Approach

We combine strict standards and procedures delivered with a personal approach.

The results of our projects define our success. We know that no solution is complete until delivered and through continuous operation we retain both our customers and partners. We combine strict standards and procedures with flexibility and a personal approach to ensure that our customers are delighted.

Within projects we plan, co-ordinate, inform and deliver. Audio-visual projects integrate with a wide range of services and environments. We know that it’s our role to co-ordinate with these, not battle with them. Even before the point of sale our customers are aware of where we’ll co-ordinate and depend on other services. We thrive in a wider project team and customers and contractors appreciate the way in which we inform and deliver.

Our onsite works follow strict standards, with all personnel working to the finest detail to ensure quality throughout. We place the safety of everyone above all else and manage risk at every stage. We invest in our personnel, giving them the skills and tools to excel.

By doing the hard work in the planning, we put completion within reach. Our testing procedures ensure we spot any errors, not you. Then through the clear deliverables that we’ve informed throughout the process, we prove and handover the systems onto you.

Dedicated Technical Development Centre

A personal approach to systems integration

Pre-sales system prototyping

Complete Digital Workspace design solution

Next steps

Book a call with one of our Audio Visual specialists who can provide further detail on the assessment and deliverables.

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    Systems Integration

    transACT audio-visual offer a personal approach to systems integration. Our Solutions Architects take a customer focused approach.

    Unified Communications

    In the ever more connected Digital Workplace it can be hard to decide the right platform for you.

    Enhanced Support

    Continued operation keeps us close to clients. Our managed services deliver long-term reliability that protects client investment and improves collaboration.


    All of our work comes with a consultative approach but where dedicated and specialist knowledge is all that you require, we can deliver.