Optimising your server, storage & networking environment is now a myriad of potential routes and options. We understand the investments you have made in your IT environment and can work with you on building the best strategy moving forward.

70% of IT budgets are allocated to keeping the lights on, TransACT have a range of solutions and services than can help optimise how your can maintain your current estate but also some innovate technologies that can help you transform your environment and help make an impact to your organisation.

Software Defined Datacentre

Gartner has stated that 50% of datacentres will be deploying web-scale architectures as part of Software Defined Datacentres by 2020.

Software Defined Datacentre (SDDC) has risen to prominence as vendors and technologies advance towards infrastructures estates that are virtualised and fully automated by software providing integrated server, storage, security and networking solution stacks.

Journey to Cloud

Cloud has many benefits but may not be right for every organisation. The Cloud also comes in a wide variety of forms. Whether you already have your cloud strategy in place, or have yet to make the first tentative steps, Transact have a range of tools and assessment programmes delivered by industry experts that can help you understand and plan the most suitable cloud plan for your requirements.


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