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Discover the value of cloud data and storage solutions

As data and company data assets continual to grow exponentially, the transACT Cloud Services Team have a specialist practice that has helped numerous enterprise organisations plan and adapt to meet the data and storage demands on their businesses.

The team has extensive in-house knowledge to plan, migrate, store and manage data in the cloud. We help our customers secure and reclaim the value of data and enable them to scale for future growth.






Our team of experts are accredited across AWS, Logic Monitor, Pager Duty and Sumo Logic amongst others. We work to best-practice around file, block, object and back-up storage protocols. We build storage plans, recover, manage and collaborate with data as part of a top-level business continuity plan.

We utilise AWS Storage Solutions to reduce the cost and complexity of traditional mediums like tape/offsite storage and secondary data centres.

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Data to Cloud Service

transACT provides an end to end process for recovery and migration of data from a range of media systems to the cloud. Once in the cloud, the IS3 portal provides indexing and deep content search on unstructured data.

Cloud Case Studies

Global Media Company


Planning and implementation of storage migration to AWS delivers outstanding business efficiencies for Ascential Group.

lexhag visual effects
Film and TV Company

Lexhag Visual Effects

Discover how AWS storage migration drives business efficiency for Lexhag Visual Effects.

lexhag visual effects
Film and TV Company

Lexhag Visual Effects

Archive data recovery reclaims value of data for film and TV company, Lexhag Visual Effects.

ted baker
Global Retail Company

Ted Baker

Ted Baker consulted with long-term IT partner transACT to define migrating storage to cloud for the global business.

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AWS solution provider
AWS channel partner

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Cloud FinOps

Discover the power of Cloud FinOps and bring your business teams together. Discover financial, operational and cost optimisation for the cloud.


transACT’s Cloud Management Portal provides centralised governance for multi-cloud platforms, with end-to-end management and optimisation.

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