Cloud FinOps

FinOps is the business operation and management function for cloud.

FinOps combines systems, best practices and governance to help organisations increase the business value out of their cloud strategies.

In the same way that DevOps revolutionised development by breaking down silos and increasing agility, FinOps brings together technology, business and finance teams by providing common set of tools and processes.

Providing a FinOps framework within an organisation brings financial accountability to the cloud spend model, transACT provide a FinOps framework as part of their cloud services, designed to access and analyse the costs of public clouds such as AWS, Google Cloud Services and Microsoft Azure to help enterprises better plan, budget and forecast future spending.

This service as part of the cloud solution ensuring customers have a breakdown of Bill, Reserved Instances, Reservations, monthly trending and executive summary through regions and where customers have multiple accounts.

Assessment Services

Complete process, application, security and architecture assessments to deliver complete organisational review when delivering cloud strategies and building FinOp framework.

Security & Compliance

Unique approach to deliver cloud governance through tools and policies based on best practices. transACT provide integration of cloud with legacy IT landscape in a FinOps model. As part of this, we provide a centralised governance platform providing visibility resources in hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

Centralised FinOp Governance

transACT cloud management portal (TCMP) delivers the fundamentals of a FinOps framework by providing visibility, optimisation, security and governance across public, private and hybrid cloud platform models including AWS, GCP and Azure.

Cloud Audits

Providing on-going support and evaluation against all areas of cloud within the framework, delivering security, process and performance auditing.

transACT Cloud Management Portal

TCMP provides organisations centralised governance for multi-cloud platforms. With the benefits of cloud also comes an increase in costs and risk across the business. TCMP is a solution that helps an entire organisation shift from a centralised control model to FinOps framework delivering shared accountability, control and governance.

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