Lexhag Visual Effects Case Study

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Discover how AWS storage migration drives business efficiency for Lexhag Visual Effects.

About Lexhag Visual Effects

Lexhag VFX is an award-winning independent visual effects studio bringing stories to life for the TV and film industry. Lexhag works for global film and TV organisations providing innovation and expertise in the field of special effects.

Customer comment
A key objective for Lexhag is business efficiency and scaling for future growth; our work with AWS and transACT achieved key objectives in gaining value and future-proofing our company data assets.
Lexhag Visual Effects
Business challenges
transACT were engaged directly from AWS and Lexhag Visual Effects director to recover 170tb of company file data from internal legacy software back-up with a range of 77 LTO 5/6/7 tapes. The data was sat on local hardware storage, and Lexhag were looking for further efficiencies, including being able to scale for future growth due to customer demand.

Lexhag required their data to be highly available and scalable globally due to the nature of the special effects business working with major streaming and broadcasting companies.

Working together
End-to-end data recovery and migration of data into AWS were recommended by the transACT cloud team to meet the business objectives set. transACT worked with Lexhag to build an AWS environment ready to migrate the recovered data, including IAM permissions and a new S3 bucket.

transACT Cloud Services Team utilised their partner Cloudberry, and implemented the Client to create a full back-up as an image-based back-up from a Windows Server. This was sent directly into Amazon S3 for majority of priority data which was escalated for an urgent requirement for one of their media customers. File Compression and encryption was activated to ensure all files were loaded to the target securely and quickly as possible. Utilising Cloudberry also had the benefit of cross-checking files that were successfully migrated on the priority data workloads.

For the bulk of the storage migration transACT used their internal streamline process which restored the data and migrated utilising AWS Snowball AWS Command Line Interface (CLI), then using Snowball devices. Data was loaded from the staging disks and transferred into the S3 environment with Lifecycle management automated to move data to cheaper storage tiers. The data was cross-referenced to ensure the correct data was moved as per the downloaded tape.

Business benefits


Release value
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Technology stacks

Amazon S3

AWS Snowball


AWS S3 Glacier

AWS Deep Archive

Lexhag recovered and migrated their on-premise data to the cloud with end-to-end data recovery and migration plan designed and implemented with the transACT Cloud Services team.

Business processes were transformed with the recovery and migration of company data, and their time to market has increased dramatically to provide service globally to their media and entertainment customers. Becoming cloud-native for technological processes and long-term data strategy means data is accessible and has greater intrinsic value to the business. Therefore, Lexhag can benefit from scale utilising their cloud strategy.

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