Lexhag Visual Effects Case Study

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Archive data recovery reclaims value of data for film and TV company.

About Lexhag Visual Effects

Lexhag VFX is an award-winning independent visual effects studio bringing stories to life for the TV and film industry. Lexhag provides global film and TV organisations specialist expertise and innovation in the field of special effects.

Customer comment
We sought out best-in-class providers around data recovery to ensure Lexhag have a best-in-class data strategy for the future.
Lexhag Visual Effects
Business challenges
Media digital files are of core importance to Visual Effects company Lexhag. With an ever-increasing amount of data to manage, Lexhag found that company data held on a range of LTO tapes and which had been loaded by a variety of back-up software was not business efficient.

Lexhag sought consultative advice from AWS and cloud partner transACT to see how they could recover legacy data and start to use the benefits of AWS cloud to streamline and future-proof process around company data sets.

Working together
TransACT worked with Lexhag to provide a project plan with agreed key outcomes including access, process and timeframe. The initial recovery phase required the LTO tapes to be moved to a secure transACT location; the tapes were evaluated for any access issues and which back-up software had been used to create them. Specialist software then recovered the data and loaded the data into local storage, priority files were restored and sent back within a two-day timeframe so that Lexhag could start manipulating and using the data. A full inventory of data recovered from each tape was provided as best-practice with priority data work then being carried out by transACT using AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) in preparation for migration to AWS.
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Technology stacks

Amazon S3

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Amazon S3 Glacier

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Next steps

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